About us

The Mission:

aboutus.pngOur mission at Kingdom Vapor is to provide our customers with the same great quality products and service that we ourselves would expect from any e cigarette wholesale distributors. Over the last several years we have had great experiences in the vaping industry especially with our customers. Here at Kingdom Vapor we want to continue to grow so that we can provide these customers with better service and products in the future.

What Kingdom Vapor is about:

Kingdom Vapor Wholesale has been providing premium wholesale vapor products to traditional tobacco shops and vape shops across the country since 2012. Knowledgeable sales representatives on our team have the experience to make your business thrive in this competitive industry. With their knowledge and exposure to the ever changing vaping industry, we can assure that they will be able to help you keep up with the ever changing trends as a vape shop owner. As customers and vapor enthusiasts ourselves, we fully test every product before it is brought in to be sold. Ensuring that we only carry premium products from all the top manufactures.

We want your business to succeed, and we also understand that you don’t want to tie up larger sums of money with just a few products. This is why we do not require any MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities) on your orders. That in turn lets you decide which products that you want to carry, will move the quickest in your area, and purchase only what you need. Kingdom Vapor knows the industry trends and dynamics, and we work to provide you with the best possible products at the best possible price. Join the Kingdom Vapor Family today, whether you are interested in opening a vapor shop or looking for a state side electronic cigarette wholesale supplier we’re the right one for you.

Keeping up with Mods:

The mod market is always fluctuating with new technologies and more advanced products, so it is important that you pick a wholesale vaping supply company that keeps up with the times. In the last year alone we have seen many new technologies come in to the mod market. Temperature control has become a standard on most regulated mods, as has reverse battery protection, high voltage protection, and short circuit protection. If you look back to years prior these technologies were either not standard or not invented. So, how do you as a vape shop keep up with all of these new technologies? The answer is to pick a wholesale company that is constantly testing mods that are new on the market to see if the new technologies are actually functioning correctly, and also to see how long the mods will last under heavy use. Here at Kingdom Vapor we are constantly ordering sample mods that our wholesale representatives will use and test for several weeks and will report back to their supervisor telling them the pros and the cons of the mod that they have been testing. This will lead to your customers getting a high quality and more reliable product than you would buying blind from other wholesalers, that will only pick up what they think will be a top seller without testing it. One of our favorite brands are all of our Smok Wholesale products such as the Smok Alien Kit, TFV8, and Smok G-Priv.