Hohm Tech - SCHOOL2 - 2A 2 Bay Charger

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    • Hohm Tech - SCHOOL2 - 2A 2 Bay Charger:
      Hohm Tech has transferred their encyclopedic knowledge of battery technology to the charging side of things yet again with the Hohm Tech HΩSCHOOL4 battery charger. This series of charger is optimized for fast charging, no-brainer operation, and safety. The body of these chargers are made of fire resistant ABS plastic in case there is a fault, and this charger protects you from over-charging, short-circuits, reverse polarity, and incorrect battery types to keep you safe. Hohm also realizes that not everyone needs to see all of the information about their battery and they don't need to bump up cost with a fancy screen, so they've gone the route of LED indication for simplicity.



      BLD Smart Charging System
      2A Combined Output
      Safely Protects Against: Over-Charging, Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Incorrect Battery Types
      Fire Resistant ABS Construction
      LED Charge Status Indicator
      Compatible with ALL Li-Ion Cells up to 71mm Tall

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