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Then and Now: Vaping's Cyclical Nature

Posted by JDH on May 8th 2020

A lot of vapers who have been around for a while may have noticed a somewhat cyclical pattern emerge in the marketplace. As many have said in the past, history repeats itself, and the vaping industry … read more

Ready to switch it up? Upgrade your vape kit today!

Posted by JDH on May 4th 2020

There have been a lot of shifts in the industry lately, not least of which is the shift from traditional starter kits to pre-filled pod systems to disposables as the first step for many new vapers. Wh … read more

Choosing the right vaping batteries for your needs

Apr 24th 2020

One of the most confusing aspects of vaping is batteries, and that goes for the expert vaper and the beginner alike. A trip to any good vape shop can often alleviate the fears related with batteries, … read more

Our favorite Bakery Flavors!

Posted by JDH on Apr 17th 2020

So much attention is given to fruity flavors that a lot of new vapers don’t truly understand the depth of flavor available on vape shop shelves. Fruity flavors, while often credited as the ‘most popul … read more

Vaperz Cloud's Two Odins

Posted by JDH on Apr 9th 2020

Vaperz Cloud manufactures products that are a perfect mix of high-end and affordable, bridging the gap between mass-marketing their products and producing relatively small batches of hardware with exc … read more