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Manufacturer Spotlight: Vapor Storm

Posted by JDH on Mar 19th 2019

Vapor Storm has been around for quite some time, but they’re not a name that is commonly known among vapers. This is ashame, as their mods have positioned themselves high on our list of best sellers, … read more

Manufacturer Spotlight: Vaperz Cloud

Posted by JDH on Mar 12th 2019

Vaperz Cloud has been a market staple for years, constantly impressing vapers with innovative rebuildables. From RDAs with crazy build deck configurations and massive airflow to some truly impressive … read more

Manufacturer Spotlight: Aspire

Posted by JDH on Mar 5th 2019

Aspire is no new name in the vaping world, and they’re not going away anytime soon. For years, Aspire has been following trends and staying one step ahead through the power of innovation, and they’ve … read more

What is squonking?

Posted by JDH on Feb 27th 2019

We’ve heard it said plenty of times: “I don’t want to use an RDA because I can’t carry a bottle of e-liquid with me all the time.” That is 100% understandable, but there is another option in Squonking … read more

Replacement Coil -VS- Rebuildable

Posted by JDH on Feb 19th 2019

So you’ve picked up your first starter kit, you’ve experimented with the available coils, and you’re starting to wonder about the other atomizer options that are available to you. You’ve probably been … read more