Randy's Chill - Dual Use Vaporizer

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    • Randy's Chill - Dual Use Vaporizer:
      The Chill is the world's first and only freezable tube vaporizer with the capability to vaporize both Legal Herbs and Concentrates! The chill's Glass tube mouthpiece pops out so you can stick it in the freezer for a pleasantly cool vaporization experience. To top it all off, your replacement coils pop into the side of the device for easy, stress free replacement. The Chill even includes a water filtration mouthpiece so you can cool your vapor on the go!


      • Dual Use Capability
      • Adjustable Temperature Settings
      • Magnetic Coil Sled
      • Hidden Coil Storage Chamber
      • Two Included Glass Tubes
        • 3" Spill-Resistant Bubbler
        • 3" Freezable Tube


      1 x Randy's Chill Vaporizer
      1 x Dual Quartz Concentrate Coil (Installed)
      1 x Ceramic Legal Herb Coil (Inside Bottom Storage Chamber)
      1 x Glass Bubbler Tube
      1 x Freezable Tube
      1 x Cleaning Tool
      1 x MicroUSB Cable
      1 x Replacement Screen & O-Ring Pack
      Instruction Manual


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