Randy's Glass Cleaner - 12oz

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    • Randy's Glass Cleaner:
      Randy's Glass Cleaner has cleaned thousands of pipes over the years, the optimal choice for smokers of glass, ceramic, and metal pipes. Two varieties of the cleaner are available for however you like to clean your pipes:

      Black Label Cleaner: Fill your piece with Black Label Cleaner, make sure the pipe is completely sealed to prevent leaks, and shake vigorously until all residue is cleaned off the walls of the pipe. Rinse your pipe thoroughly with soap and water until all traces of Black Label Cleaner are removed. 

      Green Label Cleaner: Green Label Cleaner is reusable and more environmentally friendly than Black Label Cleaner. Simply fill or cover your pipe with Green Label Cleaner, making sure problem areas are thoroughly covered with the cleaner and let soak until clean. After cleaning, rinse your pipe thoroughly with Green Label Cleaner until all traces of the cleaner are removed. To reuse Green Label Cleaner, filter out solid particles and re-bottle the cleaner.

      Disclaimer: Randy's Cleaners are to be used on Glass, Ceramic, and Metal pipes ONLY

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